Embracing Failure- The Biggest Motivator For Your Next Big Achievement

embracing failure for success

The word “Failure” can feel pretty heavy sometimes. Most of us are afraid of it, some of us can’t measure the differences between a failure and a limiter. The fact is success and failure go hand in hand. If you want to achieve your goals, you have to take risks and you have to go through the ordeal of embracing failure.

There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure. – Paulo Coelho

Yes, failure can be tough to swallow. I couldn’t finish the Oceanman Thailand nor the Bangla Channel in my very first attempt. I did feel disappointed. After all, I put hours after hours of preparations going into those events. But things happen and sometimes you have to accept the outcome through embracing failure. What’s most important is how you bounce back from that experience.

Embracing Failure is Tough!!

Honestly, that’s what actually defines your whole life and your goals. Life will push you around, people will make fun of you if you fail but can you move past that and keep going? Answer that question to yourself and from there you already know the outcome of the next steps.

Now let me get back to the point of the limiter and why people mix it up with failure. We all have our limitations. No one will ever be good at everything. But you have to keep improving, keep working on your limiter. Only then, you have your shot of winning the glory.

For instance, I’m not the most gifted swimmer. It has always been a challenge for me whenever the conditions in the sea get tough. So, swimming in difficult conditions is a limiter for me. Now I could have accepted that limiter every time that I failed, but I didn’t. I focused on how to improve myself and not fall into the trap of losing confidence mentally.

Understand Your Challenge

The goal of every challenge is to test your limits, your determination. You’ll have to fight out those odds to achieve your dreams. You have to gut it out and keep chipping in one step at a time.

But there will be a time when you have to stop. You may not want to, you may still want to carry on but it just won’t be your day. We all have our bad days and sometimes you just can’t do anything about that.

embracing failure motivation

That’s why there’s a very thin line between keeping going vs stopping or quitting at something. As I said, success and failure go hand in hand so you have to be prepared sometimes to accept a bad result. Even professional athletes face very bad days.

You have to know when it’s the right time to push that little extra even though physically and mentally you want to stop vs when you really need to stop otherwise you can potentially harm yourself in the long run. You only can know that for sure as long as you keep exploring your limiters. So, when you fail, you learn a lot about yourself.

Why Embracing Failure Should Be Your Priority?

It’s always better to fail and learn something rather than absolutely doing nothing. So many people are afraid of failing that they don’t even try and frankly, that’s the worst you can do to yourself. It’s easy to say I’m just like this and skip past doing something but that’s how most people get stuck inside a very big box.

In fact, we keep saying we think outside the box whereas, in reality, we seem to stay right at the very center of that box, the comfort zone. Come ‘on guys, trying something will not change you as a person. It may change your perspective and more to life that you never even imagined before.

embracing failure and try again

We only see success in life but behind every success there lie thousands of failures. Without those failures, the world wouldn’t have been what we see now. Every gold medal, every successful start-up business, every achievement has its own failures which made their mark to attain that success.

I failed many times. I made wrong training plans, I injured myself and I experimented a lot. That didn’t deter my endeavor. That’s why I keep learning every day and I get stronger. Most people get lazy and reluctant as they get old but I’m hungry than ever for success. The secret? I’m learning to accept FAILURE and I still try to improve this skill.

What Does It Mean For You Then?

So, if you want to be an athlete, you can too. If you can’t run or bike or struggle with any other activity, then don’t lose patience. Keep failing but keep going. You’ll eventually reach your target.

In summary, fail hard, fail more and fail often. It’s ok to feel a bit sad or disappointed but shrug it off and move on. It’s important to bounce back and face the challenge again head-on. To finish it off, let me quote from one of my favorite people, “Sometimes it’s important to enjoy the journey than the destination”.

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