Embracing The Athletic Lifestyle: 9 Key Reasons Why You Should

embracing the athletic lifestyle

Every human being is a paradox. We all love to achieve so many things yet only 1% of those converts to success, because we’re lazy, mentally. We all get stuck inside an invisible wall, hoping and praying some miracle will pull us through. Time and time again, I talk about the mindset and you know what, that invisible wall that you face is the projection of your mindset, holding you back. Do you know there’s an easier solution to this? Just embrace the athletic lifestyle, it’s that simple.

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. – Wayne Gretzky

“What are you talking about?”

Should be a common response from you, right? In our society, we have a huge misconception about being an athlete. An athlete is not about competing for gold medals, nor being the fastest or the strongest. Being an athlete is a mindset, competing with your own self, day in day out, pushing your limit to become your own best version.

Just the other day, I had a response from a person – “There’s no way I can run or cycle (Jiboneo amk diye eshob hbe na)”. Now to that person’s defense, such pessimism is breeding from the mind, unconsciously. These are the sort of excuses and misconceptions holding us back. We wrap our self in the notion that being an athlete is hard work whereas in contrary more often the opposite is true.

embracing athletic lifestyle in real life

Now you may be wondering why I’m emphasizing an active lifestyle and how it’s relevant here.

Well, it has a certain positive impact on your life. Let me explain why you should try to embrace the athletic lifestyle and what are the consequences you can expect in your day to day life.

Developing perseverance

Any athlete perseveres, they never back down. When you notice an athlete, this attribute strikes you most often. No matter how hard the situation is, whether it’s injuries or external factors, they keep on going. Such resiliency can only help you stick to your goal and in the process, to your achievement.

So once you embrace an active lifestyle, you’ll soon notice a never give up attitude. You will become focused, your eyes on the prize. You won’t just throw the towel once no matter how difficult it becomes in your real life situation.

Time management improves

The biggest challenge of embracing the athletic lifestyle is balancing life. You need to add room for new activities. So this forces you to manage your time efficiently in your daily life. Your productivity raises, you feel more satisfied and a tangible rate of progression becomes visible to you.

In fact, this skill is so vital, it’ll create value in your job life. Top employees are able to manage their time efficiently, which is what any company wants. Deft time management, the ability to prioritize, planning and discipline – all of are vital skills which come through an active lifestyle.

Learning from failure

Every human has an innate fear of failure. Nobody likes to lose, but in sports someone always does. An athlete learns from failures, improve and then move on.

So, you’ll face setbacks in regular life as well, but once you embrace an active lifestyle, you’ll be able to reflect on your mistakes, regroup and come back even stronger, unlike most people. Successful people know that failure is an essential part of the development process.

embracing athletic lifestyle other sports


Accountability of yourself

Athletes take responsibilities for their actions. You’ll have to stand up for what you are doing, validate them and take ownership of the consequences. Being an athlete teaches you those things on a regular basis.

Teamwork improves

Athletes know that team goal always trump over individual needs. They have a sense of comradery and enjoy taking others to success as well. You develop the same attribute when you start an athletic lifestyle. You’ll learn how to work with people and can build leadership skills in the process.

You seek for continuous improvement

Do you ever feel a drive for constant improvement? Athletes do and for that, they research, read books, attend camps and pursue any knowledge that may help them. Once you get involved in an athletic lifestyle, you develop the same habit and carry it to other aspects of your life, be it in your job, in your family or other activities.

Handling criticism becomes easy

Let’s be honest, taking criticism is hard. For some people, it’s very hard and they get into a defensive mode. Athletes face constant criticism. They do not let those deflate them nor impact their attitude. Excellence comes from constructive criticism and you develop that through an active lifestyle.

The result? You seldom get derailed by other people’s remarks or creating self-doubt and insecurities for your actions.

embracing athletic lifestyle adventure

Mental ownership strengthens through athletic lifestyle

Plenty of times I face the question, how I can avoid junk food or any other bad habit. Is this part of my diet or not? The truth is you know what you need to reach your goal and in the process, you take control of your mindset as well.

You reach a point that whatever decision you make is based on what you want to do rather than what your mind lures you into. This attribute carries over in your daily lifestyle too and you’ll notice a significant growth in terms of better decision making, dealing situations, etc. and so on.

You can determine goals more often

I get the question often, what’s the next goal – after doing something. When you’re into sports, you always have your goals. You have something to look for. As a human being, we need that sense of progression.

So when you’re active, it gets easier for you to set goals in your other activities. You can only progress once you have tangible checkpoints in your life. Too many people live a depressed life without knowing what they want or what to do.


My life has changed a lot once I started an athletic lifestyle. Did it start with a competitive mentality? Not really. I started something casually and the domino effect kicked in. Yes, I had to go through a lot to achieve some of the things but I have acquired remarkable growth through that, some of which I mentioned above.

So if you haven’t started being active, give it go. You don’t have to run 5 kilometers every day or go out on fast cycling sessions for that. Just take some steps, something beyond your typical lifestyle. Don’t let others tell you that you’re old or fat or you can’t do anything. Something unimaginable at first becomes a norm, all you need is an open mind.

Let’s all try to be an athlete. Deep down, your life becomes meaningful. Isn’t that what you want?

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