DHM 2020 Running Camp- Secrets Revealed And Why It’s A Must For You

running camp dhm2020

Are you looking to take up running? Do you feel the urge to stay healthy? Are you an intermediate runner and hoping to take your performance to the next level? Fear not, organizers of the Dhaka Half Marathon has initiated a running camp this year. Whatever is your goal, this running camp might be the perfect opportunity that you were looking for.

If you fail to prepare, you’re prepared to fail. – Mark Spitz

The growth of the Dhaka Half Marathon has been phenomenal. What started as a small beginning in 2017, now it is shaping into one of the biggest running events in the country. The organizers are working with a vision to grow the existing running community and attract even more new runners. The inception of this running camp is a step towards that goal.

About running camp

Now what is a running camp, you might be wondering. Basically, it’s a training camp for an organized period where athletes participate in a rigorous and focused schedule of training in order to improve their fitness. In this year’s running camp, you get to train and run with the official pacers for the Dhaka Half Marathon 2020.

running camp with trainees

There are some amazing and inspirational people who are taking on the responsibilities of being a pacer. To learn more about them, please visit the official Dhaka Half Marathon page. For the next 3 weeks, this running camp will focus on building endurance, giving training guidelines, fixing running-related mistakes, sharing nutrition related queries, etc. and many more.

Training schedule

The 3 weeks itinerary will be like the following.

  • Week 1
    • Group Run: 10km (for 21.1k runners), 2.5km (for 7.5k runners).
    • Discussion Topic: Running Gait and Injury Prevention
    • Activities: Live Session and Q&A
  • Week 2
    • Group Run: 12.5km (for 21.1k runners), 5km (for 7.5k runners).
    • Discussion Topic: Strength Training and Core Workout
    • Activities: Live Session and Q&A
  • Week 3
    • Group Run: 15km (for 21.1k runners), 7.5km (for 7.5k runners).
    • Discussion Topic: Nutrition Strategies and Hydration
    • Activities: Live Session and Q&A

Please note that the group runs will be led by the pacers.

The pace of the group runs will be comfortable, around 80% of the event day effort. As an example, for a 5min/km pacer, the group run pace will be around 6min/km. Either you can follow the pacer that you intend to run with on the event day or run along with any other group according to your comfort zone. The timing for each group will be announced to the participants in the morning.

During the run, feel free to ask questions or get involved with the pacers. Most importantly, focus on proper pacing and learn how to pace without blowing yourself up prematurely. And don’t forget to take selfies, lots of it!!

Training sessions

Every week, there will be specific discussion topics. Training and coaching-related discussions will take place based on those topics. The pacers will provide their training advice on how to improve on those aspects and how you can train accordingly to address those points. Training is all about improving efficiency with a certain goal. Please let us know your goals during the running camp.

Q&A sessions

Finally, there will be a live Q&A session where you guys can ask any questions regarding training or fitness related topics. We’ll also share our experiences and want to listen to the experiences of other runners too. Sharing is the best way to learn and grow. This running camp will be a perfect platform to pick up valuable lessons from the community which in turn can also benefit you in your own quest.

In the end, the success of this initiative will be defined through your success. If you achieve your goals, if you improve on your benchmarks, that will make our efforts worthwhile. To be honest, we all are looking forward to this event.

unning camp_event partner

A big round of applause to Apex for being a partner of this running camp.

Apex is making big strides into the running domain and its brand “Sprint” is dedicated to producing high quality running footwear. Their enthusiasm towards the sports segment is really noteworthy and we really hope that they continue their venture for the community.

I’m very much excited to be part of this running camp. Are you? Hope to see you join me and the pacer gang. Don’t forget to bring water along with you. See you on February 7th for the session 1.

I was also a pacer for the Dhaka Half Marathon 2019. If you want to read my experiences on that day, please click here.

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