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Endurance sports have been lagging behind in Bangladesh when you compare it to the other sports such as Cricket, Football, etc. Thanks to the effort of BDCyclists and BDRunners, the cycling and the running community is growing bigger. To reach a bigger audience, the effort and challenges of these communities are immense. How about Triathlon then? That is the sole reason why the BD Triathletes community exists.

Triathlon – It’s not about finding your limits. It’s about finding out what lies just beyond them.

Triathlon is a pretty unknown sport in the country. Even a couple of years back, very few people were actually started training for it, let alone know about the sport. Since then, it has been gaining traction slowly but still, it’s lagging behind a long way compared to most sports.

Why is it? This is a common question that I ask myself a lot.

The truth is, our society is still not open about endurance events. Think about running for example. Ever noticed that surprised and judgmental look in your colleagues’ eyes when you mention about your running. “Why do you run? Are you crazy? You should only run when you’re in danger.” – a common response that many of us experienced at some stage of our lives.

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Maybe endurance sports aren’t that glamorous enough. When you compare them with more popular sports, people rarely find them interesting. Or maybe, we’re too lazy to get involved in endurance activities.

The inception of BD Triathletes

Coming back to triathlon, it’s one of the toughest endurance events in the world, period. There’s a saying that triathlon is a lifestyle. But it can be fun and rewarding too. That’s why the BD Triathletes community was formed, to take on the challenge of building the sport in the country.

Every country has several triathlon teams so it was high time to have our own.  The concept of BD Triathletes then came to reality and slowly it started the journey. The group was started by Imtiaz bhai and Humayun bhai after the success of Dhaka Challange in 2017.

Dhaka Challange was a massive stepping stone and ignited the whole multi-sport culture in Bangladesh. A lot of the credit goes to the Thousand Miles Expeditions, Bangladesh for organizing such an event and bringing the sport to the front. Stephane Norde, a numerous triathlon, and endurance event finisher, also played a great support role through his activities.

The fact is, Triathlon clubs are essential for the growth of the sport.

Anywhere you go to participate in a triathlon, more often than not, you’ll find the majority of athletes are representing a triathlon club of their choice. There are sometimes multiple triathlon clubs exist in the same geographic location, which often creates a healthy rivalry. Hence, it pushes the athletes to be better and faster.

BD Triathletes motto

Support is another key aspect of a triathlon club. Without proper guidance, it might be difficult for any newbie to pursue triathlon and it’s very easy to get demoralized. Every aspiring triathlete seeks for support, whether it’s mental or training related. This is where the BD Triathletes is looking to make a difference.

The biggest goal of BD Triathletes is to bring out more triathletes and maybe someday find athletes who can compete at the professional level.

Yes, there are limitations such as triathlon is a very expensive sport. As a result, introducing the sport to the grass-root level is out of the scope currently. But that’s not impossible if the community grows and creates a bigger reach.

With that in mind, the group has started organizing a monthly event named Tri Day. Hopefully, this will give the athletes a taste of multisport in general and confidence in making their decision of participating in one.

Moreover, the BD Triathletes community has an even bigger dream? What is it?

Well, the answer is, to bring the Ironman event in our country. You might be wondering why it’s not possible now. Simple answer, the community is very small now. To host an Ironman, the majority of the athletes must come from that country as per the requirement. Unless we have 500+ triathletes in the country, that dream is going to be far-fetched.

Everyone can be an IRONMAN. Lack of confidence is the only key thing that’s holding up most people. I still remember, when I wasn’t a good swimmer, a couple of people helped me in terms of building confidence. I just needed that motivation and the rest is history. Now BD Triathletes want to do the same, to give you the confidence that you can achieve your goals.

BD Triathletes tri day

If you lack swimming skills or fear the open water swimming, join the BD Triathletes gang. There are some amazing people there who will push you to bring out the best in you. Want to train with the group? There are weekly training sessions that you can easily participate with the team. Have any query regarding training or any other aspect of triathlon? Feel free to ask the BD Triathletes community anytime.

The current objective of BD Triathletes is to participate in international events with a bigger team.

Each year, the group shall select an official event where the focus will be to attend that event with the biggest possible team. Triathlon can be mentally daunting, so going with a bigger team actually boosts your morale. Team support plays a critical role in removing that extra weight from your shoulder.

In summary, triathlon has a greater entry barrier but once you get past that, the journey becomes more fun. That’s where the role of BD Triathletes comes in, to ease you into the sport and to give you the belief that anything is possible. Anyone can do it, even you!

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