Sami Blog
You are limited by your own imagination ― Benny Bellamacina

There must have been a day when you woke up feeling like doing something.

  • “I need to change my life.”
  • “I want to break the barriers.”
  • “I want to lose those extra pounds.”

These few are very common thoughts. Did you ever wonder what is holding you back then? What is your excuse?

  • “I don’t have any time”. Is it?
  • “I’m too lazy”. Are you?
  • “I’m confused about what to do”. Really?

Whether you just need to add something new to your life, or you want to break new barriers, you’re in the right place.

Hi, my name is Sami and I live in Dhaka, one of the craziest cities in the world. Currently I’m busting my ass in Software Development and being an aspiring triathlete at the same time. Mildly put, I’m TRYING hard to be like the Batman, balancing day job and fighting evils during my training and travelling. So, the “Y” in my blog name isn’t a typo after all!

Now switching to triathlon wasn’t easy, I suffered a lot in that initial transition phase. But soon enough, I started loving the whole process and the challenges. Even now, I’m learning more about myself everyday and discovering new boundaries deep within me. Besides triathlon, I love to explore new things, such as training, physiology, travelling, adventures, cultures and so on. I love doing all of these because they are helping me to grow and be a better person every day. Hence, I’m a big believer of a healthy lifestyle and it plays a huge role in our daily life to be at the top in other aspects as well.

This blog is for all those time crunched people who has ambitions to do something different. Whether you want to be an athlete, or you want to travel or you want to make lifestyle changes but never seem to get started due to the lack of time. Do you dream or, do you dream and want to make it a reality? We all have different priorities in life and it’s easy for us to give up or overlook our targets for the sake of not having the TIME. The fact is we all have the same number of hours every day. So, I believe you can achieve anything if you really want.

So, you may be wondering why I have started this. It was in my vision to help people around me, especially those who are time constraint. You can read many training articles or follow various training plans but most of them unfortunately don’t fit all the age groupers or amateur athletes. The routines just aren’t realistic enough and as a result most struggles and some burn themselves out in the process. I want to share my experiences and my learning that I gathered through my triathlon journey.

So, join in and let’s make a better community together. Each and every contribution counts and let’s all TRY together to chase our dreams. I hope our paths cross and take us to a journey of a lifetime. Please subscribe to my email list by signing up (it’s free) and get updated resources, news, training plans and much more.