How Loosing Weight Is Easy? Change Your Mindset

change your mindset

“To lose in one’s body is to lose confidence in one’s self”- —SIMONE DE BEAUVOIR

Are you one those people who say the following things:

“Food is my life.”
“I’m a foodie.”
“I can’t resist the XYZ food.”
“I live for food.”
“I earn money to eat whatever I like”

And if you are, you might also have the following responses as well

“I wish I felt better.”
“I wish I was in better shape.”
“I wish I could do more of XYZ.”
“I wish I could control myself.”
“I wish I wouldn’t need to hide my tummy away”

Now you have decided to lose weight but how do you start. You’re seeking advice and everyone is saying the same thing, “Eat less and move more”. “Duh, don’t I know that?!” – you feel relentless and a shortcut for success. You chalk up your next plan, time to visit any nutritionist or looking for someone to help with a crash diet. You start with a renewed hope and after a couple of weeks, the scale is on your side. But soon enough you start feeling weak, fatigued and every day becomes a long hard drag. Finally, you give in to your inner voice and stop your quest only to discover yourself in a worse situation both physically and mentally.

So, what happened? What do you think?

Do you want to know the biggest secret to be healthy and become a better version of yourself? It starts with your mental health. Food, exercise, and other activities are all there but unless you have a focused mindset, you’ll be dominated by your own pitfalls. The moment you change your mindset, you take a big leap towards a healthy and happy life.

The fact is, our brain is self-destructive in nature. It’s going to distract you, create excuses and even make you feel inferior. You have to control your mind so that your mind doesn’t control you if you want to be successful in your quest. We all want that feel good factor when we take in sugary stuff like desserts, fizzy drinks or having those junk foods. Some of these foods may cause serious damages for our internal organs yet most of us are unaware of the consequences, blinded by the pleasure center of our brain.

change your mindset for food

When you change your mindset, it feels rough at first.

First of all, you have decided to take the plunge and get into shape or get fitter. Taking the first step is the battle half won already. Our brain wants to be in a state of inertia and overcoming that barrier is a huge achievement itself. Any change is unwanted by our brain and the initial discomfort gets magnified to stop you in your tracks.

Have you ever noticed you become even more restless and impatient for immediate results once you make any lifestyle changes? Also, physically and mentally you feel uncomfortable as you’re not used to the new changes and those are the times you risk losing your path.

That’s not all…

Moreover, our mind is very good at playing tricks. Let’s assume you have worked your ass off. You’re feeling good and the scale is matching your expectation. What an accomplishment! Time to celebrate and give yourself a treat, right? The moment you do so, you step into that mental trap, AGAIN. After doing all the hard work to shed some calories, you’re putting them right back into your system.

On the other side of the coin, you see some people slogging away hours after hours in the treadmill or in an elliptical at a leisurely pace. They are so afraid to break a sweat yet complaining to their gym mates for lack of progress. Such a waste of time, effort and money.  A simple jog in the park would have done the trick easily. All that it takes is to change your mindset.

change your mindset for life

Deep down, we’re becoming a slave in our own mind

There’s a saying that a healthy body equals to a healthy mind and in this modern era, it has become even more important. Technology is growing at a rate of knots which is making us lazy day by day, not only physically but most importantly, mentally. Now we have restaurants and beverage shops in almost every corner of the street, pushing our brain’s indulgence limits. All this convenience is actually creating depression and exhaustion within us. We’re all searching for the happiness but the truth is happiness is a state of mind above all.

There are plenty of people who seek advice from me in term of losing weight and getting fit. The sad truth is no matter how much I suggest a proper diet or an exercise plan, nothing would work if you’re not mentally ready. The takeaway point is, change your mindset, change your life. You can lose weight if you want, you can get fit also if that is your goal. Just stick to your goal, keep a realistic expectation and be patient. Only then you’ll win the war for certain.

What mental challenges do you face? What barriers are holding you back? Why do you want to change your mindset? What am I missing here that I can help you with? Please leave a comment down below.

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