Pacing Dhaka Half Marathon 2020, Memories and Experiences

The clock was ticking at the start line. Nerves were jangling and the pressure was mounting inside. I was back being a pacer for the Dhaka Half Marathon 2020 and even though it was my third experience of pacing this event, I was still tense. The weight of the expectations of my fellow runners was on my shoulders and I knew I had to execute the effort perfectly.


DHM 2020 Running Camp- Secrets Revealed And Why It’s A Must For You

Are you looking to take up running? Do you feel the urge to stay healthy? Are you an intermediate runner and hoping to take your performance to the next level? Fear not, organizers of the Dhaka Half Marathon has initiated a running camp this year. Whatever is your goal, this running camp might be the perfect opportunity that you were looking for.


The Biggest Training Mistakes You Should Avoid, Part 1

Training is a sport that requires a lot of dedication, many hours of training, and good planning. Most triathletes take their training seriously. However, I also see most triathletes make some common mistakes over and over again. Eventually, one of those turns out to be the biggest training mistake in terms of gaining momentum and impeding progress.